Monday, March 30, 2009

More on zones

The Helium zones are an exciting concept that provides for a writer to really exercise their creativity and diversity. With the latest version release, functionality is greatly improved across the board for zones and groups.

Thomas the Tank Engine was published earlier this month and is a good resource for parents and grandparents of budding little railroad engineers. Our family is looking forward to our own 'Day Out with Thomas' at the Strasberg Railroad in central Pa in June. Look for many more pictures of Thomas and his friends to be added to this zone over the coming months.

In keeping with my extreme diversity, the current zone under construction is Thomas Jefferson. An interesting and talented man, this zone will be rich in resources for anyone interested in Thomas Jefferson.

Featured zones

My start on featured zones was delayed unexpectedly but this weekly feature starts today!

This week's featured zone is one of Helium's non-profit zones managed by Ann Marie Dwyer. Stop by and learn more about the world's water supply. Please feel free to leave a comment for Ann Marie if you like what you see!

World Water Day

For more information on Helium's non-profit partnerships, visit the non-profit partnership program zone

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