Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Helium Zones

As is obvious to my followers, I am no longer featuring Helium zones. Why? Because other than as a novelty, the zones just aren't worth it. My time is better spent elsewhere on lucrative projects.

I began featuring Helium zones to help generate viewers for those zones truly deserving it. However well-intentioned that may have been, it just isn't beneficial to the zone managers.

I have more than a dozen zones with some of them generating regular search engine hits through no effort on my part aside from the original creation. After nine months my zones have generated a total of 17 cents from Google AdSense revenue and not a penny from Helium. Other Heliumites I have spoken to have a big goose egg for Google earnings and again... not a penny from Helium.

Is Helium making money from the zones? Has Helium generated ad revenue from the zones? I can't answer that with any certainty because I'm not privy to Helium's accounting department information.

So... fellow Heliumites; are you having fun creating zones and visiting each others zones? If you are enjoy! But don't expect to make any money. Then again, Helium has been sucking free labor from hundreds of people for years. Why stop now?


  1. Hmm I have gave up on my zones before I even started really.

  2. Speaking of new endeavors, I recently found a new site that has lots of integrity:

    Kudos to My Knowledge Network!

  3. You know I love you, right? My abandonment shows in the late date of this comment. It took me this long to visit the Helium inbox to get it:P

  4. And I finally beat AMD at something - the lateness of arriving here. Your blog must have earned us something, Tina. Recently, Helium started paying out for zones. I am now getting USD0.02 per month for my zones. LOL.
    I know linking at Facebook has driven more earnings though - it's upped to USD1 per day now, and more if I linked any title.
    See you around, Tina. And thanks for trying. Your effort will never go to waste.

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